Magical Beings-Did I Ever Believe in Them?

This is a riff on the Santa question.  That being said I think most of us believed or continue to believe in magical beings.  Is not God a magical being?  Sure the author of the question had Santa and the Tooth Fairy in mind-but what is the difference between the Fat Man in Red and the Taker of Teeth and God?  They all have stories, and books, and traditions surrounding them.  The main difference is Santa and the Tooth Fairy bring us money and presents in exchange for useless teeth and plates of cookies and glasses of cold milk.  Whereas we give money, time, and special status to God and He or She or It may or may not answer our prayers.

If we do a cost/benefit analysis of our relationship to magical creatures God fails us.  Heck, even the Headless Horseman scares us, and gives us pause as we head our into a dark, cold night.  We get all of that for the price of listening to the tale.

#4 - The Tooth Fairy

Image by Kaptain Kobold via Flickr

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Random Acts of Kindness, I Am All For Them

I like to perform random acts of kindness when ever presented with the opportunity.  I do the regular acts of holding doors open for ladies, older people and people with their hands full.  I pick up dropped items for people.

This is what it looked like, but filled with trash

Once in China I came across an elderly gentleman emptying his three wheeled motorcycle of trash-into the creek which flowed around and through the campus where I taught.  It had a small attached bed.  Often these beds would hold cages of geese or ducks, going to market.  Sometimes they would be overflowing with fresh veggies, straight from the fields.  Or as in this case trash.

He had backed his moto up to the edge of the creek”s lip.  We were on a small dusty gravel road just outside the walls of the school.  As he was emptying the trash, the motorcycle began sliding into the creek bed.  Now the water was a good five lower than the road.  When I cam upon the scene the front wheel was in the air and he was hanging from it.  His efforts had achieved a stalemate of sorts where by the three wheeled vehicle was no longer sliding off the road.  However, he was unable to bring the front tire down or to pull the moto back from the brink.  So after taking two or three photos-which I can’t find at the moment- I ran over to help him pull the bike back from the precipice.

Together we got the front tire on the ground and then we yanked the bike back onto firmer ground.  He thanked me.  I told him he was welcomed and then I continued walking back to the university.

Hat tip to Yinxiang Motor Company for the photo.

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Have I been in Seculsion and Have I Learned Anything?

I really haven’t spent time secluded, in the sense that I have gone to place away from society a la Walt Whitman, or to a monastery.  I have spent time alone in my house.  I spend a lot of time here alone-well with my cat-and I do tend to have the TV on when here.  It helps to block the ringing in my ears.

I have begun to use the time to discipline myself to write.  I have not always been disciplined.  In fact I need to work on this in regards to my eating.  I love to eat.  And I eat when I am nervous.  I use to smoke when nervous, and eat too.  It made me fat and sluggish.  Now I am just heavy.  And I attempt to walk everyday.  Most days I am successful in walking.  However, back to writing.  I am finding this 365 prompt idea is helpful.  I don’t have to stare at a blank page.  I get to practice putting pen to paper-for I write everything by hand first.  Then I type it.  In fact almost this whole paragraph is entirely new.  That is one of the positive aspects I get from hand writing first.  For me the next step is to begin to move beyond just writing the prompt.

As for the idea of seclusion, maybe I should try it.  Towards this end I am planning to attend a cursillo retreat. (I tried linking to Wikipedia page for cursillo but it sends me to yahoo help page.  Not sure what is going on)  Though it is a group retreat maybe I will learn something about myself.  I am a Spiritual person, in my own way.  Though I do not participate in oraganized religion.  It seems more for the glory of man than the glory of God-or the Great Unknown.  I think this is a better name for it encompasses the greatness and mystery surround God.

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Walking a Moving Meditation or Labyrinth

Scala Sancta

Image by 1yen via Flickr

I have done two moving meditations-one walking and one on my knees.  The first one I walked was the famous labyrinth at the Cathedral of Chartes.  I traveled through Europe in the Spring and Summer of 2000.  I went to many churches and the Cathedral of Chartes was one.  I spent a bit of time walking around the cathedral before walking the labyrinth.

Scala Santa; Piazza di San Giovanni in Lateran...

Image via Wikipedia

The second moving meditation was when I ascended the Scala Sancta on my knees.  I spent my time trying to find a loose piece of marble from the stairs.  I searched between the wooden slates protecting the steps, but I found mostly lint and trash.  Towards the top I found a minuscule piece of stone, which appeared to be marble.

It is still in my rock collection.

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5 Movies Everyone Should See Part II

Holy Grail in Valencia, Spain

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Here are more movies-Snatch, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels,Waking Ned Devine, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol. I & II, Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Quest For the Holy Grail, This is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Enter the Dragon, Fists of Fury

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Movies That Should be Seen at Least Once

This screenshot shows Sydney Greenstreet and H...

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Photograph of the Japanese director Akira Kuro...

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This screenshot shows Humphrey Bogart holding ...

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Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Big Sleep, Key Largo, Sahara, The African Queen, The Caine Mutiny, Sabrina.

Almost any Alfred Hitchcock Movie, at least pre-Birds.  39 Steps, I, Confess, Rear Window, North By Northwest,

Almost any film from Akira Kurosawa-better yet pair his films with Hollywood Adaptations.  7 Samurai/Magnificent 7, Yojimbo/A Fist Full of Dollars, Ran/King Lear, Throne of Blood/Macbeth, Hidden Fortress/Star Wars #4 (Roshoman Gate)

Any thing with Humphrey Bogart-see above

Anything with Carey Grant-His Girl Friday, Gunga Din, To Catch a Thief, Notorious, Arsenic and Old Lace, Suspicion

Anything with John Wayne, especially: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, True Grit, Sons of Katie Elder, El Dorado, Rio Bravo, Rio Lobo, Rio Grande, Red River, Rooster Cogburn

Orson Welles-The Third Man, Touch of Evil, Citizen Kane,

30’s 40’s and 50’s Film Noir.

Murder, My Sweet

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