Something New

I have tried to jump start my writing and more specifically my commitment to write, for years now.  I have notebooks full of half started stories, plot ideas, outlines of stories, observations, letters to my son and family.  There are barely begun articles, ideas for my three blogs, or is it four….I forget.

I start and stop my writing program monthly, if not quarterly.  I beat myself up along the way for napping and not writing.  My mantra of “If only….” forever on my lips.  If only I had more time.  If only I had a better job.  If only I were independently wealthy.  If only….

All along I read books on writing and being creative.  I take classes and workshops.  I join groups and but notebooks and pens.  I search online for writing tips, and ways to break through life and sit and write.  Yet I don’t sit and write.  I do write on occasion though it is an incoherent jumble of first drafts and pretentiousness.

With this in mind I am going to try again, but in a different way.  Instead of committing to myself and working away in private, I am committing to write in public.  My plan is to combine two ideas together, write it up an post for the world to see.

The first idea is one I came across a few years ago while living in Oregon.  The local paper had an article about people taking on a project for a year and blogging about the experience.  One guy drank 365 different beers, another lady cooked different recipes.  The second idea is from Abigail Beal at; there she gave 365 journal prompts.  I wish I was drinking the beers but as someone else has gone there, I will write one journal entry a day for a year and post it on wordpress.   Sounds simple but I am sure in two days I will be hating this and finding every excuse not to continue.



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