Prompt #2

The second prompt in these series is rather a laid back one, sort of like me.  The question is “When have I allowed myself an afternoon to just relax?”

Wow!! This will be an easy one.  I don’t even need to write out my thoughts by hand.  Yes I am one of those writers.  Everyday I don;t work is an afternoon of relaxing.  I especially like Monday afternoons when English Premier League is on TV.  Yeah there is nothing better than sitting lying on the couch watching the best soccer players in the world.  I try to relax every Monday at the least and I take advantage of any non work day too.

Next up is the question “If I gave myself an afternoon to myself, what would I do with it?”

I won’t cheat on this.  I will not say watch soccer.  I have already used that as an answer.  I guess I will have to break out the notebook for a little brainstorming.  And then it will be nap time.


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