Part II of where to be in 10 yrs

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I know that I want my own business.  However, I also want to write and be read by the general public.  While I don’t need to be a famous writer, I would like to be interviewed on the Charlie Rose Show and maybe on the Colbert Report and Jon Stewart Show; if I could be so lucky.

I want to own a theme restaurant or perhaps a small chain of pizza and sub shops.  My idea would be to have one store in Quincy, and then open satellite shops in Macomb by WIU, in Canton, MO by Culver-Stockton, and in Hannibal, MO, near Hannibal-LaGrange College.  Since most of these cities are college towns during college breaks the businesses would be off.  But there are ways to deal with this and knowing these times will be slow going in is half the battle.

While I love running restaurants and enjoyed owning one for the past year, I want to write and to be known for this aspect of my life.

Towards that end I am using the 365 journal prompt idea to lay the foundation of writing everyday, and more importantly publishing those writings on the web  everyday.

Note: I did skip 2 or 3 days of writing and publishing due to the fact my mother came to visit.  I believe I am back on the program now.

So all that being said-in 10 years I would like to see my self with a small local chain of restaurants or pizza and sub shops.  Additionally, I would to have a writing/publishing career that may not make me famous, but will make me a living.  And if time permits I will hit the links and if the golf gods smile upon me, I will play a few seasons on the Senior PGA Tour.

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