What was I like 10 yrs ago and what have I learned?

Scared-my legs were giving out/Head spinning/Loosing balance

Exhilarated-back at school-studying English lit and writing

Hopeful-working to get back overseas.  I love to visit other cultures and explore their food and drink.  Kind of like Andrew Zimmern, without the camera crew.

Heavy-fatter then than now.  ate terrible foods.  Love to eat sushi (still do).  I especially love going to Todai.  150 foot buffet of love.  If Heaven could be distilled into a food, it would be renamed Todai.

Alone-I like to be alone so that is ok.  I th0ught I found the girl for me, but her parents are tradition Chinese parents and I am anything but tradition.

Content-I began to live a simpler live then and have continued with it.  I have become happier with my life and my choices as I have moved through the Space/Time Continuum on this big blue rock.

I have learned a few things along the way.  The most important lesson I have learned is to get out of my own way, to stop self-sabotaging my ideas, my goals, my dreams.  Life and people in it will do this for you, so why help.

I have learned to plan where and what I want and then work towards the end point.  I try to take time to smell the roses and visit family and friends, but more importantly help others traveling along the path.

I have learned to be patient with life and people in it. Not everyone or everything is moving at the same speed, let alone the same direction as I am.  Hell, it is the height of hubris to think otherwise.

I have learned to have as much fun as possible, and stay as childlike and un-adultlike as I can.  And to F the Fun Police.

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