Do I think I am organized or disorganized?

This is almost too easy-I am both.  I think we are all a little of both, or at least we should be-to save our sanity.

My home is disorganized, with dirty dishes, books and magazines strune about every room-even the bathroom.  There is trashed piled up by the door, I don’t like buying trash stickers.  So I pile it up and take it to open dumpsters somewhere in town, once a week or so.  Sometimes I go longer.  But once it smells it has to go.

Despite its disorganized state my house feels homey and comfortable.  I feel the most comfortable in my present house than I have in any other place I have lived.

Interior view of the Toll Gate Saloon in Black...

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Other aspects of my life are in various states of organization/disorganization.  My car, disorganized.  The way I work is disorganized and a bit messy.  But I am organized in how I wait on tables, manage and bartend.  Long ago I set-up a system which serves me well.  I am always moving, cleaning tables, glasses, bottles.  Running food as I come out of the kitchen and bringing dirty dishes into the kitchen.  I try to maintain my system no matter how chaotic the restaurant becomes.

Chaos pendulum sg

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Now I am trying to organize my writing-setting up the system to work everyday and more importantly publish it online.

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