Is There Anyone I Admire?

There are a few people I admire in the world.  Perhaps the one person I admire most is Amy H.  I have known here since I was 15 and she has grown into an amazing woman.

Age-standardised disability-adjusted life year...

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She married shortly after high school and soon had two sons.  The marriage had trouble-her husband began cheating and eventually she did too.  Somewhere along the way she developed a drug addiction. Meth.  Yet in a show of her strength she kicked and has been Meth free for 10 years.  She re-married and now has two more children,  In addition she has become the guardian of the brother’s son.  Both suffer from mental deficiencies.  Additionally, the son has medical problems that anyone alone would be a struggle.  He was born with no anus-he has had several operations to correct this.  He must wear a bag.  He has nutritional deficiencies, iron poor blood among them.  He is underdeveloped physically and probably will always remain this way.  And my friend has taken this upon herself. She has medical exams and procedures monthly.  She must drive him to Springfield and Chicago for doctors visit and check-ups.  She must deal with social workers, school officials and people who don’t know what she has undertaken.  She is amazing.  I am glad she is my friend.

Other people I admire: handicapped people. people living in 3rd world countries, and people who struggle with life and don’t bitch about it.

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