What Do I Think Is Funny?

Jon StewartStephen ColbertMark Twain   Will Rogers.

This is how Americans should be-poking fun at politicians of all parties, the rich and powerful, the corrupt, and the inconsistencies in our rhetoric and actions.

I think it is funny a sizable portion of the American population has forgotten that is American Way to demand answers from rich, powerful and political people, organizations, and entities.

I find it funny that many of these same people think it is treasonous to point out the flaws in American policies if the president is Republican or if it is a Republican/Conservative policy/idea.  Yet when a Dem is elected president these same people threaten violence, succession and bemoan the demise of the Republic.  See Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, et al.  I have it all boiled down to if Republicans run American, then we should Love it, or Leave it.  When Democrats run American the we should Secede, secede, secede.

I would find the hypocrisy funny if it wasn’t being practiced by the shameless and willfully ignorant.

42, The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Lif...

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Sometimes I wish we could do as Douglas Adams suggested in his trilogy of five books in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“, build a rocket, place all the willfully ignorant, stupid, and nonthinking-the sheeple if you will-on it;and blast that rocket into space.  Put it on a heading far, far, far, from the rest of us.  I propose calling it the Rapture Rocket.  Of course they will all be given towels as they board.

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