Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

I am heading up to Chicago to see the family.  I hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends.    As for myself, I plan to eat a fair portion of turkey and watch as much football as possible without offending my family.

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Colors and Emotions

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Red is anger for me.  I have to be careful when I get angry as I can explode and say awful, hurtful things.  After wards I feel regret and shame at not being able to be more adult like.  It also holds the idea of power for me.

Blue for me is comforting and soothing.  I do get the blues but the color doesn’t represent my mood or emotion.

Green-I try not to be envious of others.  I realize that true competition is with one’s self and not with others.  Additionally other people have some things I don’t but I don’t begrudge them.  I try to be happy for them.  If I really want something another has I work my ass off to get it.  But usually I am more interested in obtaining skills and mindsets which improve myself, such as being more patient, competency in business matters, managing myself timewise and emotionally, developing sense of honor and what is important to me.  Substance over petty issues.

Yellow is not a good color for me.  I think it makes me look fatter, though I do like it when used in paintings.  I find comfort in it, a peacefulness overcomes me.

Violet-regally.  There is an imperial feeling I get from this color.  I don’t wear it and don’t have much of it in my house.  I believe I should change that.  Maybe adorn my writing area with it.

Orange-wholesome.  I associate this color with the fruit.  I love biting into an orange and having the juices explode in my mouth and run down my chin.  The fresh citrus taste is exquisite.  It is disappointing when the fruit is not fresh.  But when it is perfectly ripe the moment is refreshing and gives me energy

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Newspapers I like to read

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I love to read the Oregonian, Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury, but I haven’t lived in Oregon in about 2 years.  So I sometimes read the Quincy Herald-Whig.  It is an OK local paper.  I use to read the Wall St. Journal but after the charlatan, crook, and scoundrel Rupert Murdoch bought it, I seldom read and I almost never pay for it.  I read it when I can get it for free.  I do like to buy the USA Today-on occasion.  I really like the sports page of that paper.  I use to read the St. Louis Post-Dispatch when I grew up here many moons ago.  Since returning I found that this paper isn’t as good as before.  I can’t quite put my finger on why I don’t like it.  Maybe the font is off or perhaps I grew use to the Oregonian and the Post-Dispatch isn’t as good.  Even if I get the st. Louis paper for free I don’t read it.  I do flip through it, but I don’t enjoy reading it.

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Which is Better-TV or Film?

It depends.  If I am in Portland I love going to movies.  There are 3 or 4 independent film houses.  They show odd and awesome flicks.  There is a film series by the NW Film Institute and the yearly Portland International Film Fest.

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Since I am in Quincy I have taken to watching TV more.  It isn’t so bad, especially since I picked up my grandmothers old flat screen.  I love to watch History and H2.  There is also AMC, especially if the Three Stooges are on or there is a John Wayne Marathon Weekend.  I love the Walking Dead and have started getting into Hell On Wheels.  And if any channel shows James Burke’s Connections I am there.  I love that show and the books too.

I try to watch shows which inform me or educate me.  Though I do like to be entertained too.  Psych, Leverage, White Collar and Suits are all pretty entertaining.  Any of the auction shows are worth watching such as Auction Hunters, Storage Wars. and Auction Kings.

I really don’t watch any news or news shows.   Any more they all seem to be a farce, especially when it concerns politics.  The fix is in against us common citizens.

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Am I connected to Nature?

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In a way I do feel connected though I am not a fan of camping or hiking per se.  And I do like to stay in cabins or RV’s.  But I am happy if there is no TV.  I like nice easy hikes on paths through trees or along creeks and streams.

Instead of getting out into nature I like to find patches of nature where I am.  I like to stop and enjoy nature in the hustle and bustle of urban living.

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The Last 10 of 50 Things I Like to Do

41. Eat at Todai’s in Portland-sadly it has closed.

42. Having a Maid Rite in Quincy after being away a long time.

43. White Castles-nothing better than a slider.  We make out cousins take us there whenever we visit Chicago.

44. Italian beef or sausage almost anywhere in Chicago.

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45. Seeing the Beavers of the Pacific Coast League play in Old Civic Stadium.  They no longer play there.

46. Going to a Portland Timbers game on Thirsty Thursday.

47. Being a good, decent, honest person.  I try not to be the squeaky wheel.

PGE Park in Portland, Oregon.

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48. Watching American Football.  This is a great game-though I wish they would stop taking away the fun and making too many rules.

49. Running restaurants.  I love coming up with new products and ways of getting people to come it.  I love experimenting with marketing ideas, seeing what works and learning from those ideas which don’t work so well.

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50. Drinking a great single malt Scotch, such as Laphroaig.  It comes from the Isle or Islay-home of many great Scotchs.

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