5 Years is so Far Away

I should have a 5 year plan.  I have a general idea of what I want to accomplish, or where I want to be in life, and how I would like to improve myself.

The general outline includes lots of good times, lots of travel, laughs and trying weird and wonderful dishes from other countries and cultures.

I want to write about all of this as well.  So towards that end I implemented the 365 writing prompt exercise.  I am doing this partly for the discipline and partly to find my voice and learn to write for specific audience.  In my mind this exercise is allowing me to exercise my skills, develop new skills, and write with purpose, determination, passion, and with brutal fearlessness.

I think that is what I want most from this whole endeavor-to write fearlessly.  I know there are many who will rip on what i produce.  Yet, for me it is to get beyond the ‘wanna be’ criticism.  I want to share how I see the world.  I want to show what I have experienced in the world.  I want to share what I have eaten and drank and seen, around the world.

Perhaps a plan might help me out.

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