My Parents Weren’t Always Right But I Did Learn a Thing or Three From Them

1. Don’t be a follower.  Just because ‘everyone’ else is doing it doesn’t mean it is right.

2. Life isn’t fair.  Get use to it.

3. I am wrong and the teacher is right.

4. Respect my elders-even if they are wrong.

5. Give respect to get respect-even if the other person doesn’t deserve it or earn it.

6. Respect yourself.  Then you don’t have to worry about respect from others.

7. If I have nothing nothing nice to say-say nothing at all.

8. Don’t eat with my elbows on the table, and with my mouth closed.

9. Be curious about the world.

10. Read-anything.  The more the better and at least one thing from someone you don’t agree with.

11. Life is bigger than Quincy.

12. Try something at least once.

13. What is on my plate is what’s for dinner. No special orders.

14. Hard work.  Do the job right the first time.

15. There are no short cuts.  I have to put my time in.

16. Be professional.  I only get one chance to make an impression-rightly or wrongly.

17.  Being hung over is no excuse for missing work.  It is my fault not my employers.

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