50 Things I like to Do Part II

Here are the second 10 in no particular order:

11. Cooking.  Cutting foods with my hands is a wonderful activity.  I am not mechanical- I have no patient for machinery.  Yet give me fresh foods and a knife and I can cut  for hours.

12. Flirting with girls like Megan and Fan.

13. Sharing what I have learned about liquor, wine and beer, with others.

14. Telling stories about my travels to Europe and Asia.

Trans siberian railroad large

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15. Planning my next two trips.  The first is 4 months traveling in India, then overland into Nepal for a couple of weeks.  Then head into Tibet, for a couple more weeks, before heading into China.  I then plan to take the Trans-Siberian Railway into Mongolia.  I will jump off in Ulan Bator and wandering in the stark plains of Mongolia’s hinderlands.  Then back onto the train before jumping off at Irkutsk, in order to explore Lake Baikal.  Finally I will ride the train to Moscow and St. Petersburg.  After that I must find away home.

The second trip is to explore Eastern Africa and Egypt.  I don’t have it planned out .  Other than the usual highlights.  Eventually, I would like to stay and help teach the children impressed into service in the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda.  It is a shame what these kids have gone through.

16. Library visits.  I love walking the stacks of books.  I wish I could move in.

17. Drinking coffee early in the morning while reading the newspaper.  It is the best way to start a day.

18. Enjoying life.  I try to find the best in every person and every situation.  I try to enjoy the moments as they come.

19. Doing things my way-not society’s way.  I don’t follow conventional wisdom.  I take the best of it and add my ideas and then live life.

20. Being single-I don’t have to deal with some woman being unsatisfied with things, or with trying to change me or the decor or what ever.  I don’t need to be changed.  I need someone who appreciates me as I am.  I am pretty good the way I am.

Part one

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