Part III of 50 Things I Like to Do

21. Taking my shoes off after the end of a work day-whether it has been a long day or not.

22. Buying a stock and seeing it split into two companies or bought up and taken over.

23. Reinvestment.  I love my dividends and other payments buying new shares.

24. Using OpenOffice.  I like not having to use Word.

25. Flirting with Megan S. at work.  Her body is kicking and she is also smart and funny and extremely sexy.

26. Sexting is always a good time.

27. Historical Novels.  I especially like stories of little known or long forgotten adventures of exploration, disaster or great heroism.  Or all three at the same time.

28. Seeing the GREATEST Rock N Roll band of all time-Deuce Coupe.  They have rocked the Midwest for 30 plus years.  Full disclosure I was a roady and the dancing gorilla during the song Gloria.

29. Smoking a good cigar.  I am not a fan of cheap ones.  Not worth the time, money or energy.

30. Walking alone through a new place or city.  I can move on my time, work on my agenda.  Once I do this I am happy to experience it with someone else.

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