The Last 10 of 50 Things I Like to Do

41. Eat at Todai’s in Portland-sadly it has closed.

42. Having a Maid Rite in Quincy after being away a long time.

43. White Castles-nothing better than a slider.  We make out cousins take us there whenever we visit Chicago.

44. Italian beef or sausage almost anywhere in Chicago.

Walt McCredie, former player/manager for the P...

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45. Seeing the Beavers of the Pacific Coast League play in Old Civic Stadium.  They no longer play there.

46. Going to a Portland Timbers game on Thirsty Thursday.

47. Being a good, decent, honest person.  I try not to be the squeaky wheel.

PGE Park in Portland, Oregon.

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48. Watching American Football.  This is a great game-though I wish they would stop taking away the fun and making too many rules.

49. Running restaurants.  I love coming up with new products and ways of getting people to come it.  I love experimenting with marketing ideas, seeing what works and learning from those ideas which don’t work so well.

Laphroaig Single Malt Whiskey in its case

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50. Drinking a great single malt Scotch, such as Laphroaig.  It comes from the Isle or Islay-home of many great Scotchs.

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