Which is Better-TV or Film?

It depends.  If I am in Portland I love going to movies.  There are 3 or 4 independent film houses.  They show odd and awesome flicks.  There is a film series by the NW Film Institute and the yearly Portland International Film Fest.

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Since I am in Quincy I have taken to watching TV more.  It isn’t so bad, especially since I picked up my grandmothers old flat screen.  I love to watch History and H2.  There is also AMC, especially if the Three Stooges are on or there is a John Wayne Marathon Weekend.  I love the Walking Dead and have started getting into Hell On Wheels.  And if any channel shows James Burke’s Connections I am there.  I love that show and the books too.

I try to watch shows which inform me or educate me.  Though I do like to be entertained too.  Psych, Leverage, White Collar and Suits are all pretty entertaining.  Any of the auction shows are worth watching such as Auction Hunters, Storage Wars. and Auction Kings.

I really don’t watch any news or news shows.   Any more they all seem to be a farce, especially when it concerns politics.  The fix is in against us common citizens.

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