Authority-Defy or Respect?

Seattle WTO Protests 1999

Both-I defy in small ways, for I like the pay checks.  And I try to give respect to those older than myself.  But if it is wrong I speak up-I went to Seattle for the W.T.O. riots in 1999, and marched two times against going to war in Iraq, as well as protested Pres. Bush when he came to Portland and Vice-Pres. Cheney when he came to Portland.

I try to give respect to most people whether in positions of authority or not, even if they don’t deserve it, or earn it.  I believe giving respect to those who don’t deserve it or earn is a sign of a great person.  I could be wrong on this.  That being said I don’t give respect to racists, or those who demean others or liars, or thieves, crooks and charlatans.  True Americans tar and feather such folks.

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