When Has Someone Stolen From Me

I try not to get rooked but on occasion I get taken.  I had someone steal all the currency I brought back from my trip to Europe.  It wasn’t much maybe $30 but it was all pre-Euro money.

I also had someone steal $5 from my server book at the cafe I co-owned.  I think it was my partners sister, as she had asked to borrow money the day before and then suddenly didn’t need it.

Over all I have been lucky-I haven’t had my material items stolen.  I did catch a pickpocket in Rome and a pickpocket in Sanming City in China.  Both times I scolded them and let them go.  The police in Rome didn’t want anything to do with the guy and in China there was no copper around.

While I have been lucky in regards to material items I find my heart is continuously being stolen by the likes of Katie B, Megan S., Fanbin, Julie, Kate B., Michelle B., and Cheri H.  I don’t usually mind.

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