Habbits-Got New One?

I really haven’t developed new habits-other than the 365 journal prompts I have undertaken.  Though I since I got a second job it has been hit and miss.  I am not happy with how I have handled this.  But I am trying to pay off a credit card and save a bit of money to open another cafe.  I have been adapting to the time I have.  However the second job leaves me exhausted.  As soon as my bills are paid and I am caught up I plan to quit and re focus on writing everyday instead of catch-as-catch-can.  I have grown to like the process and like learning the craft and experimenting.  I get a great sense of accomplishment from this exercise.  The learning process has been beneficial as well.  I only get money from the second job; I get so much personal growth, understanding, and joy from this exercise.  It is worth more than any money the second job pays me.

I wonder what money thinks about?

Image by Arenamontanus via Flickr

As for hobbies I have only the ones I have always had: collecting money, stamps, sports cards, traveling. reading, watching movies, cooking new dishes, eating weird and wondrous foods, and dabbling in photography.  The photography has become easier with digital cameras.  My work in the darkroom of the past was atrocious.

I would like to think I would develop a new hobby if something caught my fancy.

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