Stuck in an Elevator

Have I ever been stuck in an elevator? Why yes I have.

When I was a freshman at Illinois State University I got “stuck” in a vator.  I got stuck in the vator out in the Tri-Tower area of campus my freshman year.

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That first year the school took too many students for all of us to have a dorm room.  As a result many of us ended up in the study lounges at the end of every floor in the Tri-Tower dorms.  I ended up in the lounge of the 10th floor of Wright Hall.  I was suppose to room with five other guys, but only three showed up-I am still friends with two of those guys.

One of the roommates was this Italian kid from Melrose Park, Il.  One day this kid, myself, and the kid from Deerfield, Il were in the vator.  We had this game where we tried to stop the vator without setting off the alarm, and seeing how close we could get it to stop to the actual floor opening.  We usually knocked the inside door off its track; then we would open the outside door to see where we were to the actual opening.

On this particular day we couldn’t open the outside door.  Later when the people on the outside finally opened the doors we discovered we were about half way between two floors.  The way we knocked the door off its track was to kick it.  This was the Melrose Park kid’s specialty.  This time he had kicked it so hard it bent the door and we couldn’t pull it back on to its track or open it.  I think the maintenance department or fire department came to pry the door open.  Then we squirmed and shimmied out the opening.  We gave some B.S. story about how the door just flew off the track and stopped the vator.  I am sure the school didn’t believe us and even threatened us with a $2000 repair bill.  We never got the bill and I never played this game again.  Not sure if the other two ever played it again.  Ahh good times.

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