Been Gone To Long

I have been remiss in my undertaking.  I picked up a second job after I sold my share of the cafe, and the second job didn’t turn out the way I hoped.  It wore me out, not physically, but, mentally.  It was only a minimum wage job!  How crazy is that!?!

I would come home dragging after only a 5 or 6 hour shift.  I would look forward to days off so I could lay on the couch and do nothing.  I had no energy for anything beyond turning the channel.  So I quit.

I will miss the money, but not the drag.  And for minimum wage I can work anywhere (I worked at this particular place in order to learn more about catering operations-I did accomplish this).

This in no way excuses me from following through on my plan to write a blog post a day for a year.  Rather I should have used this obstacle as a means to discover how to overcome and persevere.  In this I failed.  Next time life gets in the way, I hope I handle the problem better.



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