Favorite Lipstick Color/Perfume

I am thinking that some of these prompts are lady-centric.  I don’t usually give much thought to lipstick, but here goes.

I would have to say I really like a deep burning red, especially being worn by a girl with brunette hair.  Other odd colors can be fascinating in a novel way, like blue or purple.  But for my money red adds rather than detracts or obscure a woman’s beauty.

When it comes to perfume I know what I like when I smell it, but seldom to I know its name.  I do remember an old girlfriend always worn Stetson for Ladies.  I find even to this day 20 years later stopping to smell that scent, where ever I am, for as long as possible, trying to conjure images of Jules neck, tanned, strains of her reddish hair trailing over her shoulder.  I remember her cute pug nose, and those expressive eyes, bright, alert, if she thought you weren’t paying attention.  Her eyes would cloud with passivity, indifference, if you were.  A wall would go up, rather it was always there.  I would just stumble into it; the mist of playfulness and joy would drop away.

I longed to be let beyond the fortifications, to be trusted, loved, accepted, smothered in warmth and wetness. I longed to feel the enormity of her being, her essence,her love of me, even if it dropped me to my knees, or crushed me beneath its weigh. I longed.

Part II-As I am thinking of what perfumes I like, and I can’t name but one, I know there is one I detest.  Of course I don;t know its name either.  But I do know it smells like an old, musty, drawer.  It smells of an elderly person.  It is as if the musty, old person smell is collected, put in a bottle, and sold to women. It has a hint of old lace, liniment oil, musty newspapers, death, and/or decaying life.  The smell reminds me of times when I would open my grandmother’s  top cabinet drawer, to get some trifle toy or gift she saved for me.  The smell horrifies me.  I suspect I will smell this scent when Death comes for me.

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