Scents of Life

Jasmine, Lilac, Stetson for Women, fresh rain like smell, hint of Arctic cold in the Fall breeze, fresh cut grass, roasted meat, baked breads, soup. (I guess just about anything being cooked could be on the smell list), incense-but not the kind found in church, Grey Flannel cologne.

Jasmine reminds of the better times in China.  Lilacs, bring forth images of beautiful, warm, Spring days.  Stetson for Ladies, never fails to remind me of Julie, and those small good moments.  Fresh rain-Kelly.  Kissing her bare shoulders, and arms, and back.

Arctic cold sometimes hints of it come early.  My nostrils tingle with the first traces of winter.  Where ever I am when this happens for the first time of the season I am transported to the hometown of my youth, walking its streets or biking along on a blustery November day.  It is never long after smelling this biting cold mingled in Autumn breeze that Winter snow shrouds naked branches.

Smells of freshly cut grass are among Nature’s grandest.  There is a calming effect which for me leads to napping.  Laying on the couch as lazy, drifting Summer breezes bring scents of Bar-B-Que, sinking into sleep.

The incense in Buddhist Temples waifs into rafters, and over the faithful.  It shimmies along plump, golden, folds of the Buddha‘s robe.  His hands positioned to signal he comes to teach in peace.  Sandalwood smell gives dusty temples a countenance of noble bearing.

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