Creative Blocks-I Feel Them

I often feel blocked.  Not because I do not have the words, but because I am sure where to begin, or what to do when I finish.  What it is not any good?  What if it is hackneyed and craptastic writing?  How do I develop characters, so they are not card board cutouts?  How do I write sharper dialogue and more concise descriptions?  How do I get what I envision in my head unto the page?

The writing never seems good enough once I begin.  I fret over its inadequacies and push it away.  I move on to other projects.  Yet the questions remain.  Soon I grow anxious.  When I get anxious I eat.  I have struggled with this for years.  I can’t control or stop the eating.  I have taken to working with it.  I buy fruits and salads and give myself permission to eat them.  Of course I eat it all.  As a consequence I feel guilty for lack of self control.  I eat when I feel guilty too. (On the plus side I work in restaurants and my constant eating has lead to the creation of some wonderful foods).

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