Healing Rituals-For Body and Soul

If sick or feel the first stirrings of sickness, I get a huge container of oj, at least 64oz ,and some generic Robitussin.  I gulp down a fair amount of oj; then with much disgust and loathing on my features, I shoot two helpings of what is termed medicine.  This unpleasant act is quickly followed by a massive amount of juice, to wash that horrid, insipid medicine taste away.  Then I go climb into bed.  Usually a day or two of this ritual works and I am feeling fairly well. With a box of Kleenex tissues are close at hand, the floor is soon dotted with whitish, crumple tissues. By the time I get out of bed after two or three days the side of the bed looks like the foot of a mountain after a rock slide.  Kublai, my cat, won’t go near them.   After feeling better I clean up the hardened, crusty tissues, and wash the bedding.  It took me awhile to figure out I should wash the bedding after feeling better.  For the longest time I continued to get sick after performing my get better soon routine.  At first I thought I was getting from people at work.  It took a particularly nasty cold, which left me with no tissues and reduced to using the corner of the bed sheet as a snot receptacle.  The entire course of that illness I avoided the corner of the bed, and vowed to wash everything as stood as I could stand.  After that I noticed I didn’t get sick again, as was usual.  Every since cleaning all bedding is the first thing I do.  Cleaning my tissues is second.

When I was younger I opened my house to parties and invited as many people as I could.  Now I set it up as a refuge from the world.  Seldom do I have parties.  I light candles and incense.  Both have a calming effect and help me to center.  I drink tea-usually a Chinese tea called Tai quan Ying.  It is yellowish, crisp, clean and refreshing.  If I am overseas I often get a message-not the naughty kind though on occasion I have partaken.  There is nothing quite like having someone rub the tension of long, dusty, treks, out of muscles and sinews and joints.  I sleep so deep after wards.

Here in the States I go for a daily walk.  I try to walk vigorously for one hour everyday.  This one actively has done wonders for my psyche.  The walk helps me to become centered and let go of frustrations and annoyances.  It allows me to relax, focus on life and what is important.  The walk allows me to see which path I should take.  It allows me to concentrate on a specific problem, or not.  I plan what action I will take or even not take.  Once it is decided I work hard to follow through, even if it is to do nothing.  I often remind myself to not think of a problem once I have decided not to worry about it. The walk helps me to focus on what I should be concentrating on doing.  During my walks I have stripped away much of my own baggage, and petty problems as well as cleared away other peoples baggage, I found myself saddled with. This ability to rid myself of others baggage has been the best thing for me to stay focused on my goals and not be timid to go after them.

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