Nocturnal Soothings

I work most nights nowadays.  This does not leave much time for soothing rituals.  However, on those nights without work I will watch sports or shows on the History Channel or laugh at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Sometimes I go out with friends, but not like I use to when I was younger.  Some evenings I will knock back a couple of beers or enjoy a few glasses of wine.  Often I will light incense and candles and sip on tea.  I love to read, so many nights I will get a good book and enjoy where it takes me.  Other nights I will get out my collection of stamps, coins and paper money.  It is interesting to see other countries and cultures on display on these items.  One of my favorite activities is to torment my cat, Kublai.  I pick him up and put my face close to his.  He squirms and attempts to push me away with all four paws.  He gets his revenge by jumping on me just as I am falling asleep.  Other times he walks really slow on my legs.  I swear sometimes it feels as if he is pressing down with extra pressure.  He gives as good as he gets.  When we aren’t tormenting each other we get along pretty good.

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