Healthy Eats and Food Rituals

While I am not the healthiest of eaters, I healthier than I did 5-10 years ago, and especially 20 years ago.

This days I seldom eat at fast food places-I won’t disgrace the word restaurant by placing it after ‘fast food”.  Even if traveling I try not to frequent such establishments-though while traveling in Asia I duck  into McDonald’s on occasion, as the rice can be overwhelming, and I like to get a potato now and then; even if it happens to be in fried form.

While traveling State side I often stop in super-markets, to get a sandwich from the deli.  I eat less junk snacks and almost no fried food.  This can be hard as every off ramp has at least one fast food location, and if doesn’t, that is because it is located in a gas station.  Hell some fast food locales have other fast food places inside them.  Dairy Queen in my hometown has an Orange Julius inside it.  And out in Portland there are taco shops within burger places.  Come to think of it the K–Mart Mart here has a Little Caesar’s in it and the Super Wal-Mart has a Subway.  Hells Belles there are three stand alone Subways in this town.  It is madness.  And we call it progress.

Anyway, while I do eat more fruits and salads and veggies, I do love me some bagels with cream cheese and real butter.  I love Italian Sausage and burgers-I hand make.  I need my guilty pleasures.  One of my favs was a 4, 6, 8, or 10 egg omelette served with all you could eat hash browns.  The place was a truck stop called Kreiger’s and it was off of I-84 outside of Troutdale, Or.  Unfortunately, it closed when the freeway access was closed due to construction of a new Wal-Mart across the street.  Eventually the place was sold and torn down.  Before long the vacant property was redeveloped into a gas station and-wait for it-a Jack In The Box.  Their burgers have never been a pleasure-guilty or otherwise.

As for food rituals, I don’t really have any at home.  At work-I work in a restaurant I have more rituals.  I often wipe and wash and sharpen.  I rotate stock, and sample items for freshness, and taste.

When I owned my cafe, I had rituals and rituals.  I shopped almost everyday.  I prepped everyday, cutting fruit and veggies.  I made soups-low and slow.  I sliced turkey and ham.  I made up pancake batter and my own gravy-made in the greasy pan I cooked the spicy sausage.  That was a such a guilty pleasure I have to go to confession after just tasting it.

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