The Competitive Question

How does one answer this one with out seeming to be weak “I don’t go much for competition”.  Yeah because you always lose.  That is what I think when I hear that.  And if someone answer, “I take everything as a competition”, then they are probably an overbearing jerk.  This is the person who if loosing changes the rules, or quits angrily amid shouts and accusations of cheating by other parties.  I don’t hang around people if they act like spoiled children.  Such people make life so much more unpleasant that need be.

I like spirited competition.  There is comradeship which develops among members of the same team, and if done in the right frame of mind a healthy respect for the competition.  I am not saying one has to like the competitors, but one there doesn’t have to be a vitriol hatred either.

Personally I believe the true, the real competition is with ones’ self.  So I strive to be a better person than I was.  I believe I achieve more for myself by making the World a little bit better.  One way is not to compete with others in the race to be the biggest S.O.B. in the room.  That is an easy competition to enter and it doesn’t require much to be competitive.

Competition shouldn’t be this easy.  It should require more of us.  It should expose to ourselves are true inner person, and perhaps in doing so will expose this true self to others.  This sort of competition should point to areas which need to be improved and those upon which to build.  But often I look around and see so many caught up in foolish games.  I see many who fail to grasp there are bigger challenges and competitions afoot.  I feel sadness for them.

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