And Now For Something Completely New

I like to say that I attempt to try something new everyday.  Yet I know that is not the case.  Life gets in the way and it is easy to stick with routine.  Some days I think the only thing new is the route I take to work.  Not that routine is bad, it is just that more is sometimes required.

And in the spirit of more, I cooked India style food.  Well that may be a misnomer.  I bought some India style sauces-made in Britain.  I have eaten India food in the past, but this was the first time to make such dishes at home.  I mixed the sauces with some veggies; threw that on top of rice, and added some baked chicken.  It was really tasty.

I ate some of the sauce cold.  I dipped some fish into it, and it was alright. But warmed it was like a whole other sauce.  The heat and spice components really stood out.  There was depth and richness of flavor and texture, missing when eaten cold.  After eating my creation, I am almost ready to travel to India and eat my way through the subcontinent.  I just don’t know if I am ready for the train rides

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