Where to Visit and When to Go

Where wouldn’t I like to visit. And can I go tomorrow?  I want to visit every country, city, and back-road. sleepy, village, and as many roadside kitschy attractions, as possible.

High on the list Tibet, India, and Russia.  For some time, I have been planning a massive trip which would take me to these three countries, as well as, China and Mongolia.

The plan begins in India, where I will visit all the major tourist traps and make a few pilgrimages.  One of these pilgrimages will be to the Sex Temple Khajuraho.  If only all religions honored this basic human element.  Then hit the Monkey Temple in Jaipur, and if feeling brave the Snake Temple in Mannarsala-not a huge fan of snakes.  I also want to check out the stone throwing festival in Pandhurhna.  I have no desire to be pelted with stones; however I have a stone desire to witness the madness.  Other places include Ladh, and the Dalai Lama’s place of exile in Dharamsala.  There is a planned camel safari in Rajasthan.  Depending on how bad the camel smells, determines if it is 5 days or 7 days.  Eventually I will head into Nepal for a week or so.  Then trek into Tibet, stopping to view Mt. Everest.  A week or so in Lhasa before making to Beijing to catch the Trans-Siberian Railway.  I plan to hope off in Ulaanbaatar and amble about, before heading into Russian.  There I plan to do some fishing at Lake Baikal.  Finally finishing off the trip in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  I am not sure how to get home yet.  I might kick about in Eastern Europe working as a teacher for a year or so.  Then it is up in the air.

I am not sure when I will head out.  I haven’t even begun saving for this mother of all trips.  I will need another tech start-up bubble to afford this trip anytime soon.

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