Been Gone Too Long

I have run into the life when it comes to my writing.  I have been on the road for the Holiday.  And I have gotten a second job.

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It was good to head up to Chicago and see family.  My brother came in from Portland with his family.  His daughter Emma is growing up so fast.  She is lovely and has such bright, curious eyes.  I wish I had taken pictures.  I brought my camera but I didn’t take one picture.

As for the second job it has been kicking my ass.  I have been getting up super early-for me-heading in for 7 or 8 hours of almost continuous work.  There is almost no down time or those moments when I can catch my breath.  Even when I owned my own place I had those moments.  Couple that with my second job which I can work until 11 or 12 at night, it has been tiring.  And I have given up trying to write.  Unfortunately.

I have come to enjoy writing on the prompts.  In face I was getting ready to expand beyond the prompts.  But then the job happened.

The plan originally was to get this job and learn all I could about catering.  In my own place I thought we could have done better in the catering operation.  I have discovered I haven’t learned much.  It isn’t fun, even thought there is talk of having fun.  My body hurts as there are no floor mats.  I am not walking everyday, as I use to.  Some days I don;t get my small 15 minute breaks or I only get one of two.  In addition there is a lady who is setting me up for failure and is accusing me of being drunk at work.  I get thrown in to doing jobs with little or no training.  As for being drunk I am not.  I am allergic to caffeine but I need to drink it to be up at 4:30 or 5:30 or 6 in the morning.  The way it affects me is to make me unsteady on my feet.  It seems strange but it is true.  Until I went to the doctor I thought I had MS.  After the tests this is what the doctor came up with.  It is rare but thankfully is treatable.  Don’t drink caffeine.  Anyway this job seems to have cost more than it is worth.  I plan to work this second job until the end of the year and then walk away.

On the writing front I have many prompts I wrote before getting this job and going to Chicago.  My plan is to post these and write on new prompts on days when I can.  I need to write more than I need to learn nothing.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

I am heading up to Chicago to see the family.  I hope everyone has a great holiday with family and friends.    As for myself, I plan to eat a fair portion of turkey and watch as much football as possible without offending my family.

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