Prompt #3

This question was both easy and difficult to write about.  It was easy in the sense that I often day dream of “What I would do with a free afternoon.”in.  Yet, it was difficult deciding which day dream to revel in.  Fishing is usually at the top of the list, but all my gear is in Oregon and I am in Illinois.  I don’t do much of anything these days but work and dream of traveling to India and riding the Trans-Siberian train from Beijing to Moscow.

Then it occurred to me that what I would do depended on where in the world I was.  If in Paris I would find a cafe and drink espressos and then wander along the Seine River as it meanders through Paris, all the while dodging the poodle poop the Parisians seem loath to pick up.

If in Saigon-AKA Ho Chi Minh City-I would find an old style French Bistro or sit out side of the Hotel Continental drinking Vietnamese iced coffee and eating pho and banh mi

Traditional Vietnamese Soup

  • Banh Mi stands can be found all over Saigon

If I where in Oregon I might head down to Oxbow Park and walk along the Sandy River or head up to Forest Park and bike or walk the travels on the west side of Portland.  If I am in Sanming City I would hang out in one of the Western style coffee houses, drinking cafe and eating crinkle cut french fries.  If I were in Bangkok I would find some place cool to hang out until the sun went down, or maybe wander a huge mega mall on Lat Phrao Road, waiting for the heat to subside and the mosquitoes to appear.

Every place I have been has it’s own way to enjoy an afternoon.  What would you do with a free afternoon?

The next question is “Where do I imagine myself to be 10 years from now?”  This should be interesting to tackle.

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