The Last 10 of 50 Things I Like to Do

41. Eat at Todai’s in Portland-sadly it has closed.

42. Having a Maid Rite in Quincy after being away a long time.

43. White Castles-nothing better than a slider.  We make out cousins take us there whenever we visit Chicago.

44. Italian beef or sausage almost anywhere in Chicago.

Walt McCredie, former player/manager for the P...

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45. Seeing the Beavers of the Pacific Coast League play in Old Civic Stadium.  They no longer play there.

46. Going to a Portland Timbers game on Thirsty Thursday.

47. Being a good, decent, honest person.  I try not to be the squeaky wheel.

PGE Park in Portland, Oregon.

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48. Watching American Football.  This is a great game-though I wish they would stop taking away the fun and making too many rules.

49. Running restaurants.  I love coming up with new products and ways of getting people to come it.  I love experimenting with marketing ideas, seeing what works and learning from those ideas which don’t work so well.

Laphroaig Single Malt Whiskey in its case

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50. Drinking a great single malt Scotch, such as Laphroaig.  It comes from the Isle or Islay-home of many great Scotchs.

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Live Music-Always a Good Time

Unity Church in Unity Village, Missouri

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AC/DC in concert.

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It took me a while to remember when I last listened to live music.  I finally remembered I went to several Blues’ in the District concerts this past summer.  The last one I saw was Reverend Raven and the Chain Smoking Altar Boys.  They put on a great show, though it did begin to sprinkle some during their second set.  Yet people still got up and danced and not to many left. I was there helping the Unity Church members man the tent selling CD’s and shirts, and coolies and bottle openers.  It was a nice time.

Phil Rudd, taken in 1995 in Seattle during AC/...

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The last indoor concert I went to was ACDC in the United Center up in Chicago.  They can still rock in their 50’s and 60’s.  Though it was a little difficult for my brother and I to rock in the stands.  The seats are not made for rocking out.  I kept bumping into the dad and daughter next to me.  It was great to see younger people like her enjoying the band.  Rock doesn’t seem to get much air time on contemporary radio these days.

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