Morning Energizers

The one activity that really energizes me is my walk.  I do it almost everyday.  If it is raining I don’t go out, though I do check periodically to see if the rains have stopped.  If I can’t get to it for a few days, I begin to feel lazy, depressed, soft, and my mind feels sluggish.

Originally I started walking as a way to gain control of my legs.  A few years back I found that I was having trouble walking, and had bouts of vertigo.  But if I walked for at least an hour I could get through the day without too many problems.  As time progressed walking wasn’t enough; I needed braces.  It started with ankle braces.  Then knee braces.  The all the braces and combat boots laced to my knee.  I made it a year and half like this.  Eventually, all these precautions no longer hid my troubles.  I called my family, scared that I may have MS, to let them know.

In looking back at that time, I can laugh at my foolish decision to put off seeing the doctor.  If I had gone in sooner, I could have saved all that money buying braces and boots.  I also would have saved all the money I spent on Mt. Dew and Coca-Cola.

It took the doctor a few weeks to figure out what was ailing me.  In the end if came down to two diagnoses-MS or a rare affliction-over caffeination.  Once I cut out the 2-2 liters of soda and pot of coffee consumed everyday, I began to feel better.

What was happening was the caffeine over-loaded my nervous system and I had become allergic to it.  The allergic reaction stuffed up my nasal cavity and produced a pressure which in turn pushed my brain back into my skull.  This pressure on the back of the skull affected the part of the brain controlling bodily movement.  Both of these problems combined to give the effects of MS.

Slowly over time I regained control of my body.  And I kept walking.  Once the over-caffeination problems subsided I discovered how good walking made me feel overall.  I have continued to this day.

I also have taken to drinking coffee again.  I drink a two or three cups a day.  If I feel the symptoms like before I stop for a couple of days.  But I really like drinking a cup after my walk.  When I lived in Portland I would enjoy the cup while reading the morning paper.  Unfortunately Quincy only has morning papers on Sat. and Sun., and I don’t get have delivery.  So I drink the coffee and read news on the internet and watch the History Channel-if it isn’t Ancient Aliens or the shows that deal with the Revelations as it where History and not a one groups belief.  And some days if I am lucky there is a soccer game on.  That is the best day.

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Taking a break/Getting away at work

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I don’t normally take a break at work.  That being said, on occasion I will go out side and take a few drags off a cigar.  It is a nice change of pace.

If I am running a delivery I use this time as quasi-coffee break.  I jam out to 80’s Heavy Metal or Hard Rock like AC/DC, Scorpions, Ratt, Motle Crue, etc.  This is relaxing, more so than a smoke or cup or coffee.

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Prompt about favorite time of Day

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I have several favorite times of the day.  Early morning didn’t start out as a favorite time of day-in high school I would sleep until 5 minutes before class, and then sleep in class.  I still got an Illinois Student Scholastic Scholarship.  But once I moved to Portland and discovered early morning paper delivery everyday and the coffee it was on.  As I have grown older I have come to appreciate mornings for more than just newspaper and coffee.  I like the gentleness of the beginning of the day.  It is nice to experience the World waking up.  The sun rising from behind Mt. Hood.  The birds shaking off the night. There is a fresh smell as if the night has washed the Earth and soon the Sun will mop up the dampness.

Another favorite time of day is nap time.  I don’t care when I get it in, just as long as I get 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

However, I think perhaps late afternoon/early evening is my favorite time of day.  The day is cooling off; the oppressive heat of summer slackens.  Whiffs of Beer-B-Que meats and veggies drift through the neighborhoods, as I amble among them.  In winter time I am treated to wispy drafts of freshly burnt oak or fir.  And the beautiful array of colors the turning leaves display, is a joy to walk on an early autumn evening/

Finally, any part of the day I don’t work is the best part of the day.

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