When Was the Last Compliment I Received From My Boss?

Actually last night, would be that time.  He was happy I came in to help out.  He says, “I am glad when you are here Bill.  I know you know what is going on.”  He thinks his business is in good hands when I am in the building.

This is quite the change from my last boss.  He used me and treated me like shit.  I was on salary and worked at least 50 hours a week, but closer to 60 or 65 hours.  I worked all day and then would have to work a party.  Then as the party was ending and I was ready to go home, he would come up with his family, drink for free, or reduced prices, and I would have to wait on them.  They were terrible tippers and had worse manners.  They were loud and crude.

I remember there was a time when they wanted me to close on Sundays, because the owner’s brother is lazy-he just wants to smoke and put money in the illegal gambling machines in the bar.  The only thing I wanted was to have off on Sundays.  In fact, I only wanted Sunday evenings off.  I just wanted to relax and get a day and half off.  If it was football season I could watch Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.  Instead I was scheduled to work.

I worked my shifts.  I was pissed but I worked them.  I was not only pissed at the big FU my boss gave me, but I was pissed because Sunday evenings I had dinner with my Dad and Stepmom.   I had moved back to my hometown from Oregon, to help my dad with my stepmom as she was very ill (eventually she died but not without a fight).  And now here this night was being taken away from me, from us.  It is one thing to F with me.  I have broad shoulders; I can take it.  It is another thing to F with my family.  I don’t stand with that.  As it turned out, I did about a month or two of these Sundays.

At one point after several of these Sundays of me doing all the work as the owners brother smoked and gambled and made no decisions (he would ask me what to do and then call his brother after I answered), I asked the brother if we could trade off every other Sunday.  He would work one and I would work one.  His answer, “S doesn’t want that.  He wants us both here.”  Of course he does because you don’t do shit-I didn’t say this but thought it.  Shortly after this conversation, my stepmother took a turn for the worse and I stopped working at this place.  He had to do every Sunday.  Suck on that.

She was less useful than this.

Oh wait it gets better.  After I left the owner hired this woman, who was useless.  She thought she knew what she was doing and the only thing she ended up doing was pissing off the employees, not pay the bills, not helping when it was busy and was never there.  After I left to start my own restaurant I would see her driving around at lunch time-I was delivering food.  Eventually the owner lost interest in running the business, because he was never there.  According to employees I talked too.  Sadly for the business, sales fell off.  They hired a new bartender who left the upstairs bar a mess.  Bottles were sticky and dusty; spills not cleaned; the floor never mopped and tables left dirty.  The Germans have a word for this Schadenfreude.

I have sold my interest in the restaurant I started.  And am working for the new owner.  He is much better and compliments and thanks me every time I see him.  I am working my ass off for him to make his place a success.  Do the Germans have a word for this?

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