Have I ever experienced anything I would call a miracle?  Not really.  I have experienced moments where I thought of someone and shortly there after received a call or ran into them.  Not sure if that counts.

I do believe in a higher power.  And I believe miracles happen.  I just haven’t personally experience one yet.  But I am always open to receiving one or two.

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Magical Beings-Did I Ever Believe in Them?

This is a riff on the Santa question.  That being said I think most of us believed or continue to believe in magical beings.  Is not God a magical being?  Sure the author of the question had Santa and the Tooth Fairy in mind-but what is the difference between the Fat Man in Red and the Taker of Teeth and God?  They all have stories, and books, and traditions surrounding them.  The main difference is Santa and the Tooth Fairy bring us money and presents in exchange for useless teeth and plates of cookies and glasses of cold milk.  Whereas we give money, time, and special status to God and He or She or It may or may not answer our prayers.

If we do a cost/benefit analysis of our relationship to magical creatures God fails us.  Heck, even the Headless Horseman scares us, and gives us pause as we head our into a dark, cold night.  We get all of that for the price of listening to the tale.

#4 - The Tooth Fairy

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