Leap Year Births

This was an easy prompt to do, and as such I plan to write two posts today rather than one.  This prompt wanted to know if I knew of anyone born in a leap year.  The short answer is no, not that I know of.

Though the question does make me wonder how would I celebrate my birthday if I were born on April 29.  I guess I would pick May 1st as my day for three years and then celebrate it “early” on the fourth year.

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Pets-wanting and naming

I have had many pets.  When I was young I had a german shepard/Husky mix, named Alex.  Then I had a Beagle mix named Megan.  She would run from one end of the cul-d-sac to the other.  She never seemed to tire.  Then I had a black cat named Marley, after Bob of course.  Then I rescued 2 kittens.  I named one Singh and one Gato.  Singh died from flea bites-I didn’t believe such a thing was possible.  I still feel terrible I didn’t get flea powder.

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Recently I rescued another black cat.  The people I got him from named him Howard.  I have taken to calling him Cat.  Though after watching a program on the Mongolians on History Channel 2, I have been calling him Kublai Khan-because like the Great Kublai the cat is a marauder.  He is forever attacking shadows and electric cords and runs all over the house.  He jumps on me just as I am falling asleep.  Then sleeps but my head, his little kitty engine purring away.  At least the cat hasn’t taken to jumping on my head.  Thank goodness for small marauders.

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