What Do I Remember Most About Grade School?

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Grade school years, for me were mostly unhappy one, especially during the school year.  I attended a Catholic Grade School and my mother was divorced-twice even.  Plus this was the more prominent parochial schools in the town, i.e lots of money and established families. This was the 70’s and 80’s and we are a small Midwestern town steeped in German tradition.  I got a lot of grief.  I was picked on every day.  It was all very unpleasant.

When not in school I had a good time-for the most part.  I remember there were two or three Halloween Holidays where I camped out with some other kids who were also outcasts at the school.  We would set up camp in someone’s back yard.  We would tell ghost stories, make s’mores, exchange candy and sleep out under the stars-if it wasn’t too cold.

We would wander around the neighborhoods surrounding the school.  We would point out scary houses.  One year we tried to hunt for the ‘Mummy’-this was a man who wrapped his head in hospital gauze and broke into homes attacking woman.  We never found but we had a suspect and in fact we asked the chief of police about this case when he came to the school to talk to us about D.A.R.E. and “Just Say NoNancy Reagan crap.

Those adventures were fun but school for the most part sucked until I left for public school in 8th grade.

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