Happiness-What makes it?

What makes me happy?

Well no work makes me happy.  Even though I use work as a kind of therapy for myself, I still like when I am not there.  The routine of work is a moving meditation for me-I have come to find solace in it.

I wish I could find happiness in painting or photography but the dam Puritan Work Ethic my parents stamped upon has been damn hard to shake.  I no longer feel guilty in goofing off or in not working, but I still haven’t made the switch to being happy in more artistic pursuits.

I am happy reading-I love getting 4 or 5 books from the library and lying on the bed reading for days on end.  I like to do the same with movies, renting 5 or 6 and having a marathon of flicks over 3 days.

What really makes me happy is traveling to other countries alone.  There is a feeling that comes with fending for myself.  I feel alive navigating the customs and morays and culture of other peoples.  There is no going through the motions.  There is a sink or swim quality to it.  It fascinates me.  Juggling my need for food, water and shelter, with my desire for exotic dishes, beers and visiting historical sites, as my money dwindles, is scary and exhilarating.  The best things I bring home from my trips are the stories.

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