Getting to Know You Better

There are a few people I would like to get to know better.

My brother



Megan S

Cheri H

Though I know people often tell stories about themselves, and such stories are often biased.  I listen to what they do.  Too many people piss on you and say it’s raining.  So I watch how a person talks to, interacts with, and treats others-especially when the person being talked to is less powerful, less wealthy, or enfeebled.  Or if the person is outside the ‘norm’ society has dictated.  This says more about a person’s character, make-up and true self, than any words I hear.

I do like to discover new and fun things about people I know.  The little idiosyncrasies we all have but don’t usually share with most people.

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What Do I Find Especially Romantic?

All the Hollywood and Harlequin Romance Novel cliches I am a sucker for that sap.

I really like nice dinners with a beautiful woman.  Any of my ex’s I would love to take out for a night.  I love traveling to exotic locales and spend 3 days  never leaving the room and living on room service.  I love sitting beside a roaring fire cuddling with my current girlfriend.

Fanbin Looking Lovely

I like taking a woman to one of my secluded spots and just walk hand-in-hand enjoying nature, our time, and the quiet.  I love trading massages.  I love snuggling under the covers nekkid with a lover until the snuggling leads to a Joyce moment.

The most romantic moments are the small memories of fleeting moments, damp hair draped down milky shoulders, a flirty smile given in passing, secret touching while at work.

Smells.  Smells are very romantic.  Snuggling in fresh clean sheets.  Kissing her shoulder, catching a scent of shampoo.  Her favorite perfume caught by chance while crossing the street, scanning the sidewalks and shop fronts for her familiar form while stopped in the middle of the cross-walk.  The brushing of passing people ignored; horns clamoring to be heard, seem less prominent.  The smell of perfume fades.

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