Have I ever experienced anything I would call a miracle?  Not really.  I have experienced moments where I thought of someone and shortly there after received a call or ran into them.  Not sure if that counts.

I do believe in a higher power.  And I believe miracles happen.  I just haven’t personally experience one yet.  But I am always open to receiving one or two.

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Walking a Moving Meditation or Labyrinth

Scala Sancta

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I have done two moving meditations-one walking and one on my knees.  The first one I walked was the famous labyrinth at the Cathedral of Chartes.  I traveled through Europe in the Spring and Summer of 2000.  I went to many churches and the Cathedral of Chartes was one.  I spent a bit of time walking around the cathedral before walking the labyrinth.

Scala Santa; Piazza di San Giovanni in Lateran...

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The second moving meditation was when I ascended the Scala Sancta on my knees.  I spent my time trying to find a loose piece of marble from the stairs.  I searched between the wooden slates protecting the steps, but I found mostly lint and trash.  Towards the top I found a minuscule piece of stone, which appeared to be marble.

It is still in my rock collection.

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