Favorite Gift From Childhood

I still have and treasure the books my grandfather gave me.  He gave me huge massive tomes on early U.S. history, WW II, WW I and Natural History.  I would look at the pictures before I could read.  And eventually I read most of them.  Or at least parts of them I found interesting.

The stocks and bonds Teta and Gega gave me.  Teta was my grandfather’s sister and Gega was her husband.  But to me and my brother they were like grandparents.  I sold the last of the bonds several years ago and re-invested the money in a Roth IRA.  The stocks were sold along the way to help my mother pay bills after the divorce.  Though some survived, as lost property.  After several years of trying to reclaim them I received the money. I saved some in the Roth IRA, paid off a credit card and used some to get to China-where I taught ESL Classes and baseball for two and half years.

Baseball In China

Thank you grandpa, Teta and Gega.

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