Business Travel

Baseball Field Sanming College, Sanming City, Fujian PRC

I don’t really travel for business  though sometimes I wish I did.  That way someone else would pay for it.  Most of my travel is for pleasure and to see the world.  Though I did travel to China to teach and coach baseball for 2 and 1/2 years/

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Help I Have Gotten

When I lived in China the people there were very helpful-with some exceptions.  Many of my students showed me around, translated, took me shopping, taught me about there culture and brought me to their homes.

Mike Aufil.  When the restaurant I worked at in Stillwater, OK Bobo’s closed and I didn’t have a job, Mike gave me one.  He brought me to his home and had his wife cook for me.  He tried to mentor me.  I never thanked him

Mike's Last Ride

Mike Barnes.  He and his wife Lin invited me to their house at least once a month when I lived in Sanming City.  Lin cooked a wonderful Western-style dinner with mashed potatoes and potato salad.  And at least twice a week Mike and I went to the brothel outside the gates of the school, for ice cold beer-a rarity in sub-tropical China and fried peanuts.  And the young ladies company of course.  We would bullshit and watch the cathouse’s mascot Tommy the rat run scurry around for peanuts.  The beer bottles would cover the table while the girls covered our laps.  I tried to thank him and Lin but I don’t think I could do it in anyway that came close to showing the appreciation I felt for all they did.  If not for them I would have gone insane in China.  In the end all I could do is transport his remains back to the States, so that he could be interned at Arlington National Cemetery.

Mike's grave site at Arlingtion

I miss my friend.

Mike also helped to bring down the Clyde Lee Conrad Spy Ring in West Germany in the 80’s.  You can read about this case in the book Traitors Among Us:Inside the Spy Catcher’s World, by Stuart Harrington.

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