Business Travel

Baseball Field Sanming College, Sanming City, Fujian PRC

I don’t really travel for business  though sometimes I wish I did.  That way someone else would pay for it.  Most of my travel is for pleasure and to see the world.  Though I did travel to China to teach and coach baseball for 2 and 1/2 years/

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Fun Things I Did as a Kid

I was shy-still am in many ways.  Plus we moved a lot-I went to three different schools in four years.  As a result I spent hours reading and collecting football and baseball cards, as well as coins and stamps.  I played soccer and loved it.  I was always sad when the season ended.  I tried to play basketball and baseball, but I didn’t do very well.  I was gangling and uncoordinated, except when it came to running and kicking a soccer ball.  But it was when I felt most free and excited.  I loved to run.

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