Prompt #2

The second prompt in these series is rather a laid back one, sort of like me.  The question is “When have I allowed myself an afternoon to just relax?”

Wow!! This will be an easy one.  I don’t even need to write out my thoughts by hand.  Yes I am one of those writers.  Everyday I don;t work is an afternoon of relaxing.  I especially like Monday afternoons when English Premier League is on TV.  Yeah there is nothing better than sitting lying on the couch watching the best soccer players in the world.  I try to relax every Monday at the least and I take advantage of any non work day too.

Next up is the question “If I gave myself an afternoon to myself, what would I do with it?”

I won’t cheat on this.  I will not say watch soccer.  I have already used that as an answer.  I guess I will have to break out the notebook for a little brainstorming.  And then it will be nap time.

The First Prompt

Where in the county would I like to live?  This is the first prompt that I am using-I am not going in order that she gave.

I live in the Midwest now, in fact I grew up here in Quincy along the banks of the mighty and muddy Mississippi.  However, I hate the winters here and the muggy summers too.  I moved back here from Oregon.

Now that is a place I would like to move back too.  While the rains do get me down on occasion, it does rain the better part of nine months after all;  I would move back tomorrow if god’s made it possible.

A good think about the rains is that it keeps the area green and refreshed all winter long.  The firs of the Pacific Northwest stand tall in the soft mist of the rolling winter clouds.